Who Is NathanRyan?

Hey there Robot Fans!

Yep, that's me on the right. I love music and I love performing! I have been playing guitar since I was in middle school but it wasn't until around 2013, after the birth of my first son, that I started to dive into the world of kids and family music. (Kindie or Dadrock if you're in the biz)

I am a nerd and a rocker at heart at heart and I love writing songs that kids can enjoy but also have a little something in it for the parents. 

At a NathanRyan show you'll hear funducational folk to rock and almost everything in between, with a healthy dose of nostalgia thrown in! 

Click the link below to check out the tunes!

What Is OnSong?

The best app in the world? Maybe!

I have been using OnSong since it first graced the app store! It has always been my go-to digital song notebook solution. If you see me playing live I am certainly using it! If you are any type of performing musician(or know someone who is), you could greatly benefit from OnSong as well!  


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